bree + dustin

Bree and Dustin-179.jpg

About a week before their wedding, I called Bree and Dustin to touch on some final items regarding their timeline. Since I'd be flying to San Diego from Portland, I wanted to make sure we were all good to go with the details. Before that phone call, all of our communication had been through email, so it was really nice to be able to speak in real time! Right away, I felt a connection with Bree, and our conversation went beyond wedding-day details and extended into traveling, digging up artifacts (literally! Bree is an archeologist), and stories about our families. It was amazing! I felt like our phone call-- our first time "meeting" each other-- could have gone on for hours. And that kind of warmth and love was present on Bree and Dustin's wedding day and radiated from everyone that was in attendance.

This will sound so cliche, but Bree and Dustin are insanely beautiful people on the inside and on the outside. That's just fact. But their humbleness and compassion for everyone around them takes their beauty to a deeper layer. You know how flowers and sunny days are beautiful because of their colors and outward appearance? Well, words and poetry and stories are beautiful on a deeper level because they embody nostalgia and grace and sentiment. Bree and Dustin are words and poetry, and the way they interact with each other, as well as people they are meeting for the very first time in their lives, is on par with the same kind of beauty you find in a well-written story. They compliment each other perfectly. Bree is a bright, radiant energy that dances around everyone. Dustin is quiet, grounded, and incredibly respectful and kind. They are meant to continue life's adventure together.

I could go on and on about the connection I felt with these two. The wedding came together just perfectly, and although the venue and details and dresses were all exquisite, the real beauty was contained in the pages that were written in Bree and Dustin's chronicle. Thank you so so much for letting me capture it all.. I'm forever grateful