celeste + jony

Celeste and Jon-1-2.jpg

After spending a relaxing morning at The Sentinel, Celeste and Jon ventured out into downtown Portland in order to exchange personal vows before their ceremony. They both wanted a grounded and private moment, and the words they exchanged, although only shared with each other, will forever have an impact on those that surround them through life.

The wedding was somewhat like a dark fairytale in all of the best ways. Celeste and Jony both have a love of horror movies, and they wanted to incorporate that feeling into their special celebration. They, along with their closest friends and family, ventured all the way to Portland from Ventura, CA to hike down to the witch’s castle in Forest Park. This is where the magic happened.

I can’t truly describe how special it is that couples entrust me to photograph such a momentous time in their lives. Celeste and Jon’s wedding was certainly unique, and they both allowed me to push my creativity. They trusted me, and at the same time, they invited me to be a member of their family for a day.

This was truly one of the coolest weddings I have ever photographed. Thank you so much, Celeste and Jon, for allowing me and my cameras to go along on this amazing hike! I love you guys.