chelsea + scott

Adventure wedding at Abiqua Falls outside of Portland, Oregon. An elopement in front of a waterfall.

Chelsea and Scott let nature guide them as they planned their elopement in one of central Oregon's hidden gems.

The journey to this special spot involved a very bumpy and dusty drive on a narrow road lined by sharp bushes and steep drop offs. After many twists and turns, we left the cars behind and hiked down a vertical trail, at times grasping ropes for assistance. All the while, Chelsea's wedding dress, their wedding rings, and their carefully written vows remained attached to Scott's backpack. The hike wasn't a walk in the park-- we were all a bit sweaty once we arrived at the bottom of the valley. When the land opened up and the waterfall came into view, the air became cooler. I promise you this-- the breeze felt like it was carrying some sort of magic dust. I had never seen a waterfall so perfect and beautiful, and it was a feeling I won't forget.

Chelsea and Scott exchanged promises to one another with the guidance of their good friend (and now wedding officiant), Aria, and the majestic waterfall served as a witness. The walls cocooning Chelsea and Scott in this special place served to reinforce an important certainty in their relationship-- nature and fresh air will always be of utmost importance to them and their life together.

Chelsea and Scott did it right. They chose to begin a journey together, and they selected Mother Nature as their witness. The dress; the rings; the ritual-- those were all secondary. The day was incredible.. a true demonstration of what love and adventure is all about.

Thank you for allowing me to be there to capture it all.