erin + sean

Erin and Sean-52.jpg

Erin and Sean just did it right. They said their vows in the middle of a quiet forest, and their closest family and friends were accompanied by centuries-old redwood trees. Following the ceremony, everyone headed to the cozy Ned Ludd in the heart of Portland for lots of laughs and a family-style meal.

The highlight of the evening was a live bluegrass show put on by the group Julie and The Wayves, and the banjo, bass, and guitar certainly added a special spark to the cool evening breeze.

In my eyes, this day was just perfect. Erin and Sean never worried about the superfluous non-necessities that seem to be commonplace at many weddings. What was important to them was being surrounded by their friends and family and celebrating the relationship that they have within that inner circle.

It was such an honor to be there to document the day. In all honesty, out of all the weddings I’ve photographed, this one just felt right and perfect and warm. Everyone was equally giving and receiving pure love from all in attendance.

Thank you, Erin and Sean, for allowing me to photograph your special day.