Jane and George-69.jpg

Jane and George. The names themselves were a brief topic over dinner because they just go together. Jane and George. It's like a short poem.

Mount Hood kept watchful eye over Jane and George's ceremony and whispered her reassuring support through her snow-capped peak and forested skirt. The earth's wonders remind us all to walk with grace and appreciate the solid feeling beneath our strides, and everyone seemed mindful of this as they made their way from the ceremony garden to the reception area.

Spending time with Jane and George and their friends + family on this beautiful Oregon day was insightful and inspiring. Well-versed in their vows to one another, both Jane and George kept a coy sense of humor, and it was that balance that molded this day into one of constant expression and love. Communication doesn't happen only through spoken words-- it's a combination of language and touch and that gentle feeling of someone reaching for your hand. It's days like these in which I'm so grateful to have my cameras by my side. To be able to capture these nuanced declarations and interactions is nothing short of an absolute privilege.

Congratulations, Jane and George, and thank you so much for allowing us to document your wedding.