jennifer + jb at five pine lodge | sisters, oregon

The JBs-39.jpg

Within minutes of meeting Jennifer and Jonathan, you will be inspired to see the world.. to mindfully explore your surroundings.. to meet new people.. to share stories.. to laugh, and laugh, and then laugh some more.. but most of all, you will be inspired to open your heart and receive warm energy from everything in your presence-- people, trees, open roads..

Because of their ritual of throwing out-of-this-world New Year's Eve celebrations, Jennifer and Jonathan found nothing more fitting than celebrating their union on New Year's Eve. Although they both expected a snowy landscape among the trees at Five Pine Lodge in Sisters, Oregon, the unpredictable Pacific Northwest weather had other ideas in mind. The above-average temperatures and sunny skies provided a beautiful venue for the ceremony.. the only thing missing was the snow. Jennifer had her heart set on a snowy, winter wedding, so Jonathan (in true "Jonathan fashion") wrangled his groomsmen into helping him make this dream come true. The morning of the wedding, Jonathan and his closest friends drove to the nearby mountains to collect snow in their pickup trucks, transporting it back to Five Pines. They meticulously unloaded the snow, shoveling it to the ceremony location. I had never seen or experienced anything quite like it. While it was all happening, Jennifer sneaked hurried glances out of her cabin window. Seeing the work and dedication Jonathan was putting into bringing her glittery snow had her (and me and everyone else in the room) on the verge of tears. Happy tears!

The day was a true adventure that involved a first-look in the mountains, complete with a four-wheel-drive adventure on snow and ice. Closest family and friends huddled with blankets on wooden benches to listen to J and J's vows to one another, and everyone in attendance witnessed tears, belly laughs, and pure joy. The tall pines created a lush, green canopy and offered a delicate, woodsy scent. The setting couldn't have been more ideal.

Following the ceremony, everyone put on their dancing shoes.The New Year was ushered in with a positive energy and a room bursting with love. Thank you so much, JBs, for allowing me to capture your wedding day. It meant so much to me to be able to witness this wedding day adventure. xoxo.