kelli + ben

Kelli and Ben32.jpg

Community. Family dinner. Kids. 

These are the three details that were most present at Kelli and Ben’s wedding. Sure, they had handmade signs and table decor all set on beautiful family property.. but the three significant details at their wedding weren’t items you could hold or touch or share on Instagram. These three details— community; family dinner; kids— were the root of the entire celebration, and ultimately, they are the foundation of Kelli and Ben’s relationship. 

Kelli and Ben value family about anything else, and they chose to hold their wedding on Ben’s parents’ property. It’s a place where nieces and nephews hide behind trees; where vegetables and flowers grow tall; where conversation and laughter flow over the clinking of wine glasses. More than anything, Kelli and Ben wanted to begin their journey together as husband and wife in a place that was familiar to them, and this home held stories and memories around every corner.

Their wedding was absolutely beautiful. Even more inspiring than the day itself was the fact that Kelli, Ben, and their families welcomed everyone into their circle. In this group, arms are always open and hearts are always full. Witnessing the interactions between everyone was more than enough to inspire and help one to remember what’s truly important in life. Thank you, Kelli and Ben.. thank you so much for allowing me to capture these memories.