kelsey + joey

Kelsey and Joey-154.jpg

This celebration was much more than a wedding. Sure, the significance of starting your journey together as a married couple is amazing and important, but Kelsey and Joey truly infused the love that they have for their family, their friends, and their four-legged babies into every piece of their wedding. They also included the respect and adoration that they have for the ever-changing river that has kept their family grounded for decades and has kindly served as a place for fun and reflection.

The moment I pulled up to the property, Kelsey’s parents included me in on the mix of everything that was going on. They greeted me with hugs and snacks and the kindest smiles. From then on, capturing the candid, loving moments between family and guests came naturally— I felt like part of the group during this event, and I can’t be more thankful.

I said this over and over while taking photos of Kelsey and Joey: this was one of the best weddings I have ever attended. If I were to have a wedding, I’d want it to be just like this one. Honoring the great outdoors.. embracing friends and family.. and not worrying about the dog hair on the dress or the clouds rolling in.

This day was just perfect. Thank you so much, Kelsey + Joey + family, for allowing me to capture these photos and help tell your story.