phaedra + seth

Phaedra and Seth-161.jpg

Phaedra and Seth have a special relationship that's hard to describe with words. Well, in all actuality, you don't want to describe it in words. Their connection is sensed in the soul; it's felt in the way energy shifts when you're around them. Trying to articulate this feeling through verbal expression doesn't quite do it justice--  it can only be explained through the connection that these two have with the earth, the universe, and all of the intricate energies flowing among each and every being around them. In this case, words just don't work.

These two exchanged incredible vows at Croft Farm on Sauvie Island, and their closest friends joined them for an afternoon of story-telling, reflection, and blueberry picking. The day couldn't have been more ideal, and I'm so grateful that Phaedra and Seth invited me into their inner circle and allowed me to capture these moments.

On this day, everything happened just the way it was meant to happen.