sabrina + brandon

Sabrina and Brandon wedding-83.jpg

Serendipity intervened on a fresh spring evening last March, and as I visited a new local brewery, the owner informally introduced me to a couple seated at a small table.  They were twisted into each other's arms and enjoying whispered conversation among small sips of a hibiscus brew. Sabrina and Brandon were newly engaged and beginning the process of planning their wedding, and when they found out that I do wedding photography, they excitedly invited me over to join them to chat. 

And then, a beautiful friendship was born!  Never had I met a couple as organically as my initial meeting with Sabrina and Brandon, and conversation flowed freely.  Almost immediately, Sabrina (she's a photographer, too!) and I realized that we have a very similar outlook and aesthetic when it comes to capturing love and life.

Getting to know these two has me counting my lucky stars.  Brandon loves Sabrina on such a level that actually causes him to open up in front of the camera.  And Sabrina lights up talking about Brandon.  They venture to life hand-in-hand.. exploring the unexplored and reveling in nature's generous gifts.  Their adoration for each other is a catalyst of support and compassion for everyone that runs in their circle of family and friends.

THANK YOU two!  I'm SO happy we met and that you entrusted me to capture these memories. Your friendship has inspired me both personally and artistically.