sara + lukas

Sara and Lukas-82.jpg

I had the chance to meet Sara, Lukas, and Sara’s parents at Vista Hills Winery right after my move to Portland. I clearly remember the drive out to the beautiful property, still becoming used to my surroundings. They don’t know this, but my meeting with Sara and Lukas was a breath of fresh air— a warm welcome to the place that I was now calling home— the chance to connect with two people who would soon become more than just clients. Sara and Lukas quickly became friends, and although they live all the way on the other side of the country, I’m always following their social media adventures that show them juggling extremely full schedules, lots of planning and travel, a loaf-shaped cutie-pie pup.. work, school, all of the goings-on of life. Among the busy schedules and erratic sleep cycles, Sara never removes her infectious smile. Lukas is always laughing by her side. They maintain all of this because of their deep love for one another and the strong bond they have with friends and family.

On the day of the wedding, thick clouds blanketed the hills, and rain drops fell intermittently.. teasing all of us. Sara and Lukas didn’t mind the rain, which relieved so much of the stress that can come along with moody weather. Right after a short walk through the hills, Sara and Lukas exchanged vows underneath the beautiful clouds, and rain started to fall right after they said their I Do’s. We all know why that rain fell. And it was beautiful and glorious and the most perfect way to end the ceremony.

Sara and Lukas: I can’t thank you enough for having us along to photograph your wedding. You two have made me feel like a part of circle from the very beginning, and having the chance to spend this special day with you meant so much. I feel the energy and emotion in these photos, and they are memories that I will continually cherish. You two have lots of adventures ahead of you, and I’m so excited for you and your families!