helen + avrohom

Helen and Avrohom-40.jpg

The bestest of friends from all over the world.

A cake from NYC.

True love from both the heart and the mind.

Helen and Avrohom spent their wedding day with their closest supporters in downtown Portland, and laughs of pure joy accented the click-clack of the shoes walking between The Woodlark and The Sentinel. While traffic buzzed and the city chattered, Helen and Avrohom found quiet in the chaos, and the downtown views couldn’t have suited their vibe any better.

Helen and Avrohom have a style and a certain type of love that displays itself as something of a poem. They flow together and paint words that compliment each other just perfectly. You see it when they look at each other, and you see it when they’re dancing together.

The opportunity to photograph these group of people is one that’s hard to put into words. Thank you so much, Helen and Avrohom, for allowing me to capture your day.