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You and your fiancé are the heroes of your own unique love story, and you know best how to show your love for one another. So let’s steer clear of awkward, cheesy posing, and let’s allow your sacred day to be documented honestly and intentionally. I’ll be there with my cameras, ready and excited to capture the raw and the real. Your wedding day is a time to celebrate each other and the loved ones who have traveled to support you and your journey, and those are the images that will take you back years from now and paint a picture of you to future generations.

My sweet niece, Nora Irene, and me.  photo by Emily Ford

My sweet niece, Nora Irene, and me.

photo by Emily Ford

I'm Natalie. I fell in love with photography at an early age-- looking through old photographs of my parents, mesmerized by the fleeting moments they had captured decades before I was even a thought that had crossed their minds.  From there, I started documenting my own life and purchased my first film camera when I had saved up enough from my weekly allowance.

Through my years, I've been a student, a traveler, and a teacher, and all of those roles have made me the photographer that I am today.  

While serving as a Peace Corps volunteer in Nicaragua, I realized that my preferred subject is and always will be people. There is something incredibly beautiful and vulnerable about capturing a person and a couple as they open up in front of your camera lens.  It takes a special connection-- one that I cherish with each and every couple I document.

Whenever I get the chance to be away from my computer, I can be found hiking with my pup, reading The Atlantic, listening to MFM, or attending a live music show.