What we're all about.


Always eager to photograph life and its narratives, we picked up cameras at a very young age. Since we can remember, the cameras have been along to capture countless travels, interviews, musicians, and weddings.

Our lifestyle has allowed us to steer through this journey by means of adventurous souls, and we wouldn't have it any other way.  

We approach weddings the same way we approach anything else when we're behind our cameras:  honest and candid. You won't hear us asking you to smile in front of our camera. Instead, we find it's best to interact and find a way to communicate that produces expressions reflecting the connection between you and your partner.. the bond that you have below the surface.  Those are the moments we love most, and we find that they truly lend to a sincere story.  

 photo by Donny Mays

photo by Donny Mays

I'm Natalie. I fell in love with photography at an early age-- looking through old photographs of my parents, mesmerized by the fleeting moments they had captured decades before I was even a thought that had crossed their minds.  From there, I started documenting my own life and purchased my first film camera when I had saved up enough from my weekly allowance.

Through my years, I've been a student, a traveler, and a teacher, and all of those roles have made me the photographer that I am today.  

While serving as a Peace Corps volunteer in Nicaragua, I realized that my preferred subject is and always will be people. There is something incredibly beautiful and vulnerable about capturing a person and a couple as they open up in front of your camera lens.  It takes a special connection-- one that I cherish with each and every couple I document.

Whenever I get the chance to be away from my computer, I can be found hiking with my pup, reading The Atlantic, or attending a live music show.  

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I'm Daniel. Looking at the world through a lens is second nature to me. I first realized my fascination with photography in my early youth with that old Polaroid camera my aunt gave me. It quickly became my sketchbook as I tirelessly captured glimpses of the unposed world around me ( some of which I still have! )

Life moved me through a host of travels and change.. until I finally started to pursue photography more seriously in my 20's. I've enjoyed working in a number of different genres, which lent itself to a borad horizon and instinctive appreciation for looking at things in a different way

When not behind a camera I can be found enjoying coffe and a fruit tart, trying new recipes, camping, discovering new music, playing soccer and often in my car with all windows down, tunes playing, getting away to it all , and ever closer to who I am.