some common questions:


Why you?

Good question!  We believe that our approach to photography is one that lends to a representation of genuine emotion, meaning that we capture moments that would happen whether we are there or not. While we do give some direction during bridal party and family photos, the majority of our day is spent documenting in an unobtrusive way.  The portrait session between the bride and groom is kept fun and interactive, and we do keep in mind that some couples prefer a bit more direction during this portion of the day (which we are more than happy to provide!).  We want you to look and feel your best while allowing the event to unfold organically.

Besides our approach, there are also some practical and tangible reasons:

  • We get all of your images to you within a month of your wedding, and we provide sneak peeks in the days following your wedding so that you have something to share right away.

  • All of the black-and-white photos are also delivered in color.

  • We are more than happy to give you tips and advice with regards to your timeline.


What if we're shy in front of the cameras?

So are we, and so are most couples we photograph..  But not to worry!  We keep the portrait session between the bride and groom fun and interactive, and afterward, a lot of our couples say they felt as though they were taking snapshots with friends (one of the best compliments we can receive!). We like to capture fun and joyful moments, and also some that are quiet and serene, and we're able to do so in a less "posey" way..  This keeps both you and us from feeling awkward or shy.. we promise :)


How would you describe your editing style?

To keep it blunt-- we steer clear of "trendy" and aim for timeless. It's easy to get wrapped up in editing styles that involve really warm tones and washed-out colors (it's what's "in" right now), but in our opinion, photos that are processed heavily will soon be dated. Plus, color and texture is beautiful! Why would you want to remove it? You should be able to open your wedding album years from now and see photos that honestly represent your wedding day. That means true-to-life editing. We do add a bit of grain and process all photos in a way that mimics films, but we certainly don't change the tones and mood of your day in order to fit an editing trend.


Who will shoot my wedding?

Natalie and Daniel are the core of the studio and both shoot (and edit) in the same fashion. Our vision on photography is very similar and is what brought us to work together in the first place. With that said, we do not shoot events together. Natalie mostly works in Oregon and Washington, and Daniel does the bulk of the work in California. We do work with a small network of second photographers that we bring on as second shooters on our two photographer packages, but you'll always have either Natalie or Daniel as a primary. This ensures that you get a consistent and seamless experience. And we are growing! We do have a couple assistant photographers who will work as primary shooters, and these are photographers that have been working with us for years. That'll only happen if we get an OK from the couple during an initial consultation.

Oh and this is an added FAQ that gets asked quite a bit!: Are you two a real-life couple? Answer: No :) We are business partners with a similar outlook on life and photography.


What is required to book my wedding day?

We require a $800 deposit along with a signed contract.

It is never our intention to rush clients, but please keep in mind that availability is limited and we are not able to hold dates until both the deposit and contract are received.


When can we see our photos?

Photos are delivered in 4-5 weeks. Engagement photos are delivered in two weeks.


Do you recommend one photographer or two?

While we are completely comfortable handling weddings by ourselves as one photographer, having two photographers has some advantages :

  • We can't be in two places at the same time. Often times the bride and groom are getting ready at completely different houses/hotels, or even opposite ends of a large property. While both can still be covered by one, having two photographers lets us split up and ensures that each of us can truly take our time to capture the fleeting moments to the best of our capability.

  • We see things differently.  We are amazed by some of the pictures captured by our second photographers, even by simply catching the same moment from a different angle or choosing to highlight a single detail. Two photographers just lends itself to a more complete and cinematic view of your wedding experience.

  • Weddings can be quite involved and a lot is happening at once. Having a second photographer there on our team helps us to better control the situation, assist in arranging people, details, lights etc.. so that the main photographer can have a calmer approach to the day.

  • Insurance. Unfortunately, no matter how much we plan and how careful we are, sometimes bad things happen. A car accident, memory card failure or broken piece of gear at just the wrong moment are the things nightmares are made of for wedding photographers. With a second shooter, the risk is greatly minimized. Personally, we only work with second shooters who are full-time wedding photographers and who we would trust to shoot the entire wedding as if it were their own. That way, if something bad happens, you’ve still got a legit photographer.


Do you offer albums?

We sure do, and we love albums because they allow you to display your photos on your coffee table and pull them out years down the road to remember the details from your wedding.  In my opinion, photos should gather a little dust throughout their years rather than living a lifetime as a computer file.


Why can't I find you on Facebook?

While we have just recently gotten onboard with Instagram (we love how it lays out our photos, and it's almost like our wedding journal!), we haven't yet dedicated any time to Facebook.  To be completely honest, when we aren't shooting weddings or editing, we are usually out hiking or seeing some live music.  We spend a lot.. A LOT.. of time at our computers editing when we're not photographing, and when editing and correspondence is caught up, we want to be outside!  Hopefully we'll soon be able to get a Facebook page up and running, but for the time being, we really love to get away from our desks and breathe some fresh air whenever we get the chance :)  


Are you hiring?

We've been getting a lot of emails from local photographers recently, and the answer is YES! We are always looking to expand the team and bring on second photographers. There may even be the opportunity to grow and learn and work as a primary photographer in the future. With that being said, we never want to compromise our approach or style, so we're always on the lookout for the right fit (and we're picky!). Get in touch if interested.